Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Let There Be Light

As a child, my island was reached by a ferry. There were few of us summer newcomers. To keep us busy during the summer months, my older sister and brother and I began to make shell boards from cabinet doors that someone had not wanted. My father rigged them up for hanging and we began to.....glue. Oh, gluing was fun for all and we experimented with several through the years! I have the same glue hangups today.....to glue or not to glue. This lamp was one of the first larger projects I endeavored to finish with found shells from the beach in front of our little beach house. I love the glow.


Mary said...

I love this shade, and you are right, the glow is lovely!

Katy said...

Wonderful! Keep up the good work!

Sea Island Girl said...

dear mary and katy,
how nice to see "2 comments"!!!! thank you so much
for the encouragement.